Introduction to the Palladin Website


This website has been created by myself Tony Martin, known in the 60s as Palladin.


The aim of this website is to tell my story of my time as a Biker in the early 60's, it mainly revolves around the Busy Bee Cafe Watford, the 59 Club. Some may think it is a bit self indulgent I am sorry if you think that, I just wanted to put this in writing whilst I can still remember, it is so easy let time go by and wish that you had done it. Also I have search the web for information about the early 60's it seems very fragmented, therefore I wanted to try and bring together everything on the Web to do with the Busy Bee and the 59 Club, to mention some of the characters that used to go to the Bee in the early 60s and to include some stories from that time, also stores relating to Bill Shergold (Father Bill) as I got to know him quite well. I do not touch on the ACE Cafe as I only went there once and it was not part of my life, although it has an important part in in the history of Bikers and many from the Ace belonged to the 59 Club.


This very much my story but I hope that it will trigger a few memories with other people from that time, if anyone has pictures that are not already in the public domain or that I do not have also any stories from that time then I would love to hear from you and would be pleased to put them on this website. I can be contacted by e-mail at the following address:


The picture above is me at 17, if you are interested and would like to read MY Story click here.

Busy Bee Cafe Watford

I first visited the Busy Bee when I was 14, I went with my friends on our Push bikes. This is where my memories of the Bee start.

I didn't know the history of the Bee therefore I have copied an article written by Peter Mayne on the History of the Busy Bee. I have included this as I think it best tells how the Bee developed into the place we all remember which is show in the picture to the left.

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The 59 Club & Father Bill Shergold




















Above Bill Shergold better known as Father Bill the Ton-up-Vicar.












The 59 Club started in 1959 in Hackney Wick as a youth club, the motor cycle club was started later by Father Bill in 1962.


I have included the history of the 59 Club as written by Father Bill, as I think this best describes how it evolved.


To read the full unedited version of the history of the 59 Club Click Here